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The artist tries to find a point of contact with the way of relating to space in the language of light and sound. When you enter the exhibition space, four acrylic cubes are placed, and the LED lights are contained in it, and when the light is emitted, the cube becomes an infinite space of light. The stage lighting outside the cube acts as an object where the cube creates a mirror effect and projects the entire space when the cube does not emit light. When the light inside and outside the cube is emitted at the same time, these two spaces are in an ambiguous state. The story is made by making the light react to the sound, and the audience freely roams the space and enjoys the boundary between unconsciousness and consciousness depending on the movement of light and reflection in and out of the cube. This is the product of the artist's agony to find a new essence through the ambiguity caused by abstracting and dismantling real spaces.

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